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Maxscript: So Many Assets, so little cataloging.

by on Aug.13, 2008, under maxscript

So, today I took up the fun job of building some sort of asset management tool. so obviously the first thing is to figure out what kind of assets you have so that you can sort them! now we’ve collected many many models over the years, from useful, to complete shite. so the not so fun part becomes to sort through all of these we need to see what they are obviously!

so using Paul’s excellent batching script ‘Batch it Max

combined with a little Thumbnail rendering script i cooked up that will render an Isometric view of the maxfile’s contents, ignore all scene lights, and render with a basic skylight, include a polycount on the render. there are also options in the script whether to use a default skylight lighting scheme, or whether to render the scene using an Ambient Occlusion override material

I made the thumbnail script based partially off of Marc Lorenz’s (also useful) Ambient Occlusion script.

So. the computer behind me is happily cataloging our whole mess.

I wonder if it’ll be done by morning? 🙂


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