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ServerUtilities v.85

by on Jun.23, 2009, under Batching, maxscript, vray

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything, so its time for the habitual blog sorry/script update!

We recently picked up VrayRT, and i found myself again vnc’ing over to farm machines to restart services and well, that just wont do!

So I did a small update to the ServerUtilities script adding a few services, and doing a little work on the underbelly of it to make it a bit more stable. also packaged it into an installer because I was getting a few people that had just installed it strangely and were having issues.

screenshot and download link

screenshot and download link

    — .65 – added vray 2010 to services
    — .75 – added vrayRT
    — .75 – convert to simpler dos prompt
    — .75 – added an optional pause to the end of the commandline based tools
    — .75 – fixed the invert button in server selection
    — .75 – prints the commandline to the listener
    — .80 – convert to dos based loop for multiple systems (if pause: hit enter to advance to next machine in loop..)
    — .85 – update to support spaces in the max file path! oops!

Download the Installer

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  • olhorobot


    very nice script!
    i was testing it ou and runned into some issues:
    -have to use same login and pass, right?
    -one of my vista servers doen’t respond to service stop/restart. All of the vista servers are running Vista Bussines 64. any clue on what might be wrong with it?

  • Dave Buchhofer


    -have to use same login and pass, right?
    Currently its just set up to use 1 set of credentials yes, you could just input a login and it will ask you to type in the passwords when the dos command comes up. I can’t say as its come up, We tend to create dummy accounts for the services/farm machines, so they’re all using the same credentials.

    I haven’t had much of a chance to test it on Vista, Most of the problems that people have come up with have been either Authentication issues, or Firewall type issues, you may be able to see if its an authentication or permissions problem by checking the Event log on the server that its failing on (Can be accessed from compmgmt.msc from the Run command)

  • Mr.T Prodz

    It’s funny I made a similar little software in Visual C# because it was time consuming to manually shutdown/reboot/kill process on our farm computers. Even in the interface it looks similar. I like the way you set the services dropdown list, nice work!

  • Chris

    Hi, is there any chance this script will work for 3dsmax design 2014 64bit Please

  • Mike Nowson

    Great script…
    I have hacked up your code a bit (my code writing technically is terrible but hey it works!)
    We use to generate batch files, to copy and delete files to all nodes, and have added a few other functions which we could not work in Max without.
    It writes to configure DR config file for Vray 3.0 and a few other handy things

    thanks for sharing!

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