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Architectural Interactive Demo

by on Dec.12, 2009, under Architecture, Interactive, Unity3D

Here’s a current work in progress Interactive Architectural type demo of a college Basketball Arena

it hasn’t been terribly optimized yet, so it requires a fairly hefty video card to play smoothly, that said, it runs at ~150fps on my 8800GT here, but at 5fps on my parents 3 year old dell. So your mileage may vary while I experiment! ~5mb


Everything has been done with ingame lighting and shaders, nothing is baked, and was meant as a test specifically for that purpose, to see how far it can be pushed before requiring Texture Baking on a fair sized scene. (With the aim to be able to quickly iterate models in earlier phases of design without having to unwrap and bake!)

To the game! There is a quality button on the lower left that toggles between various settings of Anti Aliasing, Shader Quality, Shadow Quality.. so you can tailor it to a point to your hardware.

On the upper left is a selection of preset Camera views, clicking and dragging the mouse button in the viewport anywhere will ‘look’ the camera from the preset view.

On the upper right is some fun stuff, toggles for Ambient occlusion, Bloom shaders (glow) and a couple of sliders to adjust those primary values

there is also an alternate Daylighting scheme, if you do this i suggest toggling the roof, then you can adjust the time of day with the ‘TimeOfDay’ slider, and the ambient lighting with the ambient.

the rest are just toggles to show/hide various layers of objects

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  • Ryan

    First off, as a Drexel alum, this looks awesome. I stumbled on this completely by accident, and since getting any information on the project is difficult, I cannot pass up the opportunity to ask a few questions.
    Is this a final version of what the Armory is to look like and if so any idea of when construction will begin?
    If it isn’t, has rotating the court 90 degrees so that it runs the length of the building been looked at? Is this still an alternative or has it been eliminated?
    Do you know if it will be all bleacher seating or will there be chair back seating?
    What is the targeted capacity?
    If you could answer any of these questions, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, no big deal figured it couldn’t hurt to ask. Thanks!

  • Dave Buchhofer

    Ryan, thanks for the comments, I must say that i don’t have any ‘Real’ information, we had done a small set of promotional images of a concept to be used as a show/poster for fundraising at some point, and I took that rough model and expanded on it in my own direction, so there really isn’t much basis in fact between what is here and what is being talked about for the school. I guess its the classic ‘artists rendition’ excuse!

    There is some small amount of information about the Study on the Architects website at: along with a few of our stylized renderings in the gallery.

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