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Architecture – Revit to Max to Unity

by on Dec.01, 2011, under Architecture, Interactive, Interactive, Portfolio, Unity3D

Here is a Revit -> 3dsmax -> Unity project that we worked on earlier this year.

the videos below are captured in HD in unity directly from some premade itween paths

Exterior axo from Dave Buck on Vimeo.

Realtime HD Architecture, Captured in Unity3D from Dave Buck on Vimeo.

Basic workflow was to export out the WorkSets from Revit as individual FBX files
Import them into 3dsmax with the file link manager, usually set to combine objects by material
from there run a set of scripts that collapsed / welded / AutoSmoothed / split meshes that were too large (65k verts is a pain) cleans up the layers, replaces materials, and exports the now unity friendly layers into different FBX’s for unitys consumption

Inside unity there are a few small steps needed, done mostly with AssetPostProcessors that hook up any external lightmaps that we generated in max, replace/reconnect any materials that are in our standard material library, and attach any components that are supplied in the max user properties fields.

bake the lighting to suit, (In this case, just give us some AO and Sunlight since we needed to be able to turn around revit design changes -> working webplayer overnight with minimal user babysitting.)

this workflow allowed the building owner to ‘walk’ around the design very rapidly after it was changed.

There are a few more captures up at for anyone interested.

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  • Zzzero999

    I’m interested in this kind of work and have had some successful experiments. Just curious as to what scripts specifically do you use to modify the polygon meshes? I am just using the standard tools in 3dsmax. I find that with the meshes ( should have reduced poly count less than 60000 to transfer into unity. Anyways I hope that our efforts now are noticed by more architects so that we could be paid for this innovative skill set in the future. All the best. -Eninja

  • Dave Buchhofer

    Mostly custom made stuff that I haven’t released much as of yet.. I Guess I should pakcage them together as I still find the scripts useful a few years later!

  • Yster

    Hi Dave,

    I’m a 5 year AutoCAD user who only now stumbled upon the wonderful world of BIM and architectural visualisation. I have been working in Revit for the last 3 months and I am dabbling in 3dsMAX & Unity. I am really interested in exporting to Unity, but I run into problems with materials (I’ve learnt that it’s because of the different libraries) when importing the .fbx files. Would you please be so kind as to share the Max script and any advice for a newbie like me? Thanks!

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