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Architectural Interactive Demo

by on Dec.12, 2009, under Architecture, Interactive, Unity3D

Here’s a current work in progress Interactive Architectural type demo of a college Basketball Arena

it hasn’t been terribly optimized yet, so it requires a fairly hefty video card to play smoothly, that said, it runs at ~150fps on my 8800GT here, but at 5fps on my parents 3 year old dell. So your mileage may vary while I experiment! ~5mb


Everything has been done with ingame lighting and shaders, nothing is baked, and was meant as a test specifically for that purpose, to see how far it can be pushed before requiring Texture Baking on a fair sized scene. (With the aim to be able to quickly iterate models in earlier phases of design without having to unwrap and bake!)

To the game! There is a quality button on the lower left that toggles between various settings of Anti Aliasing, Shader Quality, Shadow Quality.. so you can tailor it to a point to your hardware.

On the upper left is a selection of preset Camera views, clicking and dragging the mouse button in the viewport anywhere will ‘look’ the camera from the preset view.

On the upper right is some fun stuff, toggles for Ambient occlusion, Bloom shaders (glow) and a couple of sliders to adjust those primary values

there is also an alternate Daylighting scheme, if you do this i suggest toggling the roof, then you can adjust the time of day with the ‘TimeOfDay’ slider, and the ambient lighting with the ambient.

the rest are just toggles to show/hide various layers of objects

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Revit->FBX->Max, Collapsing large numbers of meshes

by on Mar.15, 2009, under Architecture, Batching, maxscript, Scripting, utility

Well, lets just say that dealing with large Revit files can get a little ugly for visualization purposes to say the least. there are several fundamental issues currently, ranging from workflows in building usable familys inside of revit, to dealing with the geometry after the fact for rendering.

I had the pleasure to again deal with a fairly large Revit model. It only weighed in at about 300mb to start! for working on final renderings thats all well and good, and not a real issue to deal with, but for mid project progress renders it can get a bit painful doing a lot of the deconstruction needed to make it useful to work in in 3dsMax. spending several hours ‘cleaning’ a revit model in max so that you can get any sort of rendering done is lets say, a bit depressing, when you know you’ll have to do the same process again in 2 weeks.

all that said, I started looking for some solutions to one small facet of the problem, and found some good case study testing on efficiently attaching a ton of meshes done by Dave Stewart and also a fair number of tips from the Maxscript crew at CGTalk

So I did a  small adaptation of Dave’s attachment script above, which can be found here: Its not pretty, but we’ll get there soon enough.

It takes your current selection, and simplifies the number of objects by the square root (Dave’s tested optimal amount for speed collapsing!) its a work in progress, and i figure i’ll take this, combined with set of other tools for collapsing either by Selected Material, Similar Objects+Instances, Layer, and some name filtering. that should take the day long revit cleanup jobs and compress them down to an hour or so.


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DMG Reel

by on Dec.01, 2008, under Architecture, Portfolio, video

A quick dmg reel one of the guys cooked up a few months back, page: EwingColeDMG
[kaltura-widget wid=”jp5u0sa7ug” width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”3″ editpermission=”3″ /]

testing out this Kaltura video plugin..

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Maxscript: Grid by Name

by on Nov.07, 2008, under Architecture, maxscript, utility

Here’s a useful one i made in 2003, one of my first scripts actually! posting it up because i find myself using it ~60 times a day on this current project with curved/angled bits all over it!

A Helper dialog to speed up working with custom Grids. Helps immensely in the workflow of angular modeling (read: silly modern architecture) when combined with a hotkey to create grid and autogrid >:)

Basics: It populates the dialog with all current grids in the scene, including the HomeGrid. you can double click on any grid to activate that, also has buttons to change the view to match the grid, and to select the current active grid. also includes a cycle of the Toolmodes (View/World/Parent/Screen/Local/Gimbal/Grid)

— if there are no grids in the scene, then toggle between the toolmodes
— if there is just 1 grid in the scene, toggle between it and the Home Grid
— if there are grids in the scene, open the window
— if there are grids in the scene and the window is already open, toggle between the grids

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Recent work

by on Nov.02, 2008, under Architecture, Portfolio, video

I’ve been a bit busy this month oversee’ing a fair sized animation project, so I’ve been a bit away from the scripting fun of late. There’s a few useful tricks I’ve picked up and will work out some posts shortly 🙂

Here’s a couple shot snippets from one of the latest projects. 2 out of 20ish from a pretty large site 😉

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by on Aug.11, 2008, under Architecture

Here’s the link to my old Gallery, complete with just exported from JAlbum sexiness, until I find a suitable way to integrate some of the newer work with the new site 🙂

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