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Architecture – Revit to Max to Unity

by on Dec.01, 2011, under Architecture, Interactive, Interactive, Portfolio, Unity3D

Here is a Revit -> 3dsmax -> Unity project that we worked on earlier this year.

the videos below are captured in HD in unity directly from some premade itween paths

Exterior axo from Dave Buck on Vimeo.

Realtime HD Architecture, Captured in Unity3D from Dave Buck on Vimeo.

Basic workflow was to export out the WorkSets from Revit as individual FBX files
Import them into 3dsmax with the file link manager, usually set to combine objects by material
from there run a set of scripts that collapsed / welded / AutoSmoothed / split meshes that were too large (65k verts is a pain) cleans up the layers, replaces materials, and exports the now unity friendly layers into different FBX’s for unitys consumption

Inside unity there are a few small steps needed, done mostly with AssetPostProcessors that hook up any external lightmaps that we generated in max, replace/reconnect any materials that are in our standard material library, and attach any components that are supplied in the max user properties fields.

bake the lighting to suit, (In this case, just give us some AO and Sunlight since we needed to be able to turn around revit design changes -> working webplayer overnight with minimal user babysitting.)

this workflow allowed the building owner to ‘walk’ around the design very rapidly after it was changed.

There are a few more captures up at for anyone interested.

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ArtBreak, MiLB Stadium

by on Nov.23, 2011, under Architecture, Portfolio, Rendering, Stills

A little Art break, here’s a few shots from a recent set of renderings done for a minor league baseball stadium.

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Interactive OR Design

by on Jun.01, 2011, under Interactive, Interactive, Portfolio, Unity3D

I’ve been working on this tool for a while now, here’s a quick captured demo of some of the features of my hospital room design application in action.

Interactive 3D OR/ICU design tool from Dave Buck on Vimeo.

here’s a current video of my OR/ICU design project, created in unity3d, with fully configurable parametric models rigged with both IK and FK, and a tool to quickly draw out any layout of walls, windows and doors to spatially visualize the placement and reach of equipment needed in an operating room space.


This is a full featured application, including but not nearly limited to:

  • Full file save / load for easy sharing of designs within the staff
  • Easy to navigate tab based menu for selecting models and assets to insert
  • all models will give some sort of visual feedback that they can be controlled by the user; ex: some arms will highlight in blue to notify the user that they are rotatable; some pieces will highlight in green to notify that they are movable; some in red to notify that they are control points that allow you to drag or re-position the entire hierarchy chain of the selected boom.
  • many models have custom logic built in so that they move and rotate within their engineering limits (As best as we could get them in some cases, as some manufacturers were less than forthcoming with information and model details!)
  • Customizable system to draw out and place walls, with orthographic or free line drawing, snaps, and dimensions integrated
  • multiple wall styles, to quickly change and prototype room designs with windows, peek thrus, walls, headers, and soffits
  • fully configurable ‘Hero’ equipment, developed from engineering models, with tolerances for how they can move and be configured together
  • rule sets integrated that control how these items may be modified, ex: changing a light head to a flattened light head, or adding shelves to a boom
  • this ‘Hero’ equipment is generated at run time as needed, this allows us to quickly configure the various lengths and heights needed to show the flexibility of the equipment system, and turn the tool from a demonstrative sales tool, into a full on design tool
  • helpers of various types to show range of motion, overlaps, and possible collisions
  • tools to place staff within the scene, and change to their point of view, look around and see what the end user of the room will see when the full update to their room takes place.
  • output to jpg in several sizes, depending on whether the user is trying to print, email, or target a presentation size image
  • custom user configurable animation paths
  • output to an mp4 video file of a fixed size to enable easy email and sharing of the designs with the customers, architects, and planners that are involved in the process
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by on Dec.05, 2008, under Portfolio, video

I was asked to build a few basic slideshow type animations to play in the background at a company event, which is all well and good, except “we dont want to spend any time on this, but can you make them look good?” Thanks!

So in comes a fun little toy of a site Animoto. You simply feed it a selection of images and a music track and it does a little magic in the background for you, and out comes a fun little ‘slideshow’ here’s a sample of one of the animations it outputs:

Nifty eh? If there was a way to feasibly add video clips in, and per slide titles, then this could be a pretty badass little toy to use as a baseline.

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DMG Reel

by on Dec.01, 2008, under Architecture, Portfolio, video

A quick dmg reel one of the guys cooked up a few months back, page: EwingColeDMG
[kaltura-widget wid=”jp5u0sa7ug” width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”3″ editpermission=”3″ /]

testing out this Kaltura video plugin..

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Recent work

by on Nov.02, 2008, under Architecture, Portfolio, video

I’ve been a bit busy this month oversee’ing a fair sized animation project, so I’ve been a bit away from the scripting fun of late. There’s a few useful tricks I’ve picked up and will work out some posts shortly 🙂

Here’s a couple shot snippets from one of the latest projects. 2 out of 20ish from a pretty large site 😉

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