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ServerUtilities v.85

by on Jun.23, 2009, under Batching, maxscript, vray

Its been a while since I’ve posted anything, so its time for the habitual blog sorry/script update!

We recently picked up VrayRT, and i found myself again vnc’ing over to farm machines to restart services and well, that just wont do!

So I did a small update to the ServerUtilities script adding a few services, and doing a little work on the underbelly of it to make it a bit more stable. also packaged it into an installer because I was getting a few people that had just installed it strangely and were having issues.

screenshot and download link

screenshot and download link

    — .65 – added vray 2010 to services
    — .75 – added vrayRT
    — .75 – convert to simpler dos prompt
    — .75 – added an optional pause to the end of the commandline based tools
    — .75 – fixed the invert button in server selection
    — .75 – prints the commandline to the listener
    — .80 – convert to dos based loop for multiple systems (if pause: hit enter to advance to next machine in loop..)
    — .85 – update to support spaces in the max file path! oops!

Download the Installer

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Maxscript: ServerUtilities v0.5 beta

by on Dec.07, 2008, under Admin, Batching, maxscript, utility, vray

This handles the services perfectly for me here, I’m doing a little more work on it to support using the server.exe and vrayspawner exe versions as well, but that wont be finished for a while as its a spare time project. I’m really looking for feedback in terms of platforms you’re looking to use it on, and what features would be nice to see in addition.

Click here to Download

Install is pretty straightforward, simply unzip into your Scripts directory.. after a bit more testing for various people I’ll throw together an installer, but for now its slightly manual.

after you unzip it, assuming your max is installed in say, C:\3dsmax08\ you should see several files

Maxscript files: Access them as Maxscript Pulldown, Run Script.
C:\3dsMax08\server_tool_lite_05.mcr — Run this to install the script into the Customize UI, under category dbScripts.
C:\3dsMax08\ServerUtilities\ — Run this to try out the tool without installing it into the Customize ui..

C:\3dsMax08\ServerUtilities\… There will be a few other exe’s in this directory, mostly commandline utilities that the script calls to batch modify things.

After you run the script the first time, it will create a file C:\3dsMax08\ServerUtilities\ServerToolLite.ini which will save your settings. In the script, it might be easier for you to add 1 server, and then browse to the ServerToolLite.ini file and manually add the other 19 servers in notepad.


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Maxscript: Vray Light Calc Filenames

by on Nov.02, 2008, under maxscript, vray

Here’s a relatively simple script thats already saved me many headaches.

Vray Light Calc switcherizer

Vray Light Calc switcherizer, click image to download script.

Basic Gist: as its set up It will create a directory called ‘Calcs’ under the directory where your maxfile is at, and will switch your filenames for vray irradiance maps and light cache back and forth between saving to, and loading from file in that directory, it will save the calcs as “maxfilename_cameraname.vrlmap/vrmap’

its set to use a UNC directory where possible, and to use irradiance map and light cache. Theres not much error checking in it, its currently set up to work for us internally, If anyone has issues with it, you can contact me. I think its helpful, but not ‘solid?’ enough to drop up onto scriptspot as yet.


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