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Maxscript: Vray Light Calc Filenames

by on Nov.02, 2008, under maxscript, vray

Here’s a relatively simple script thats already saved me many headaches.

Vray Light Calc switcherizer

Vray Light Calc switcherizer, click image to download script.

Basic Gist: as its set up It will create a directory called ‘Calcs’ under the directory where your maxfile is at, and will switch your filenames for vray irradiance maps and light cache back and forth between saving to, and loading from file in that directory, it will save the calcs as “maxfilename_cameraname.vrlmap/vrmap’

its set to use a UNC directory where possible, and to use irradiance map and light cache. Theres not much error checking in it, its currently set up to work for us internally, If anyone has issues with it, you can contact me. I think its helpful, but not ‘solid?’ enough to drop up onto scriptspot as yet.


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Farm Management with VB (?!@#)

by on Aug.11, 2008, under Batching

Here’s a small utility I’d written in ’05 in HTA using mostly VBScript to replace the hordes of dos BAT files utilizing pstools that i had laying around for starting and stopping and checking services/processes/logs on remote machines on our network. Primarily it was used with managing a small farm with 3dsmax/vray. the discussion about the utility on the Vray Forums as i was building it.
Farm Management Utilities 10.6

Farm Management Utilities 10.6

  • Run the .HTA once.. it will create 2 files for you
  • “Computers.ini” which you will will need to edit to contain 1 slave computer per line in it (either IP address or computer Name work, use for your local system)
  • “SlaveutilsOptions.ini” which will have slots for various paths and options. read the file and edit the lines accordingly.
    • (Path to your VNC client,
    • whether to use alternate credentials or not,
    • and what the login/password would be if you did use them.

Note: Its been brought to my attention that some virus scanners will flag this download (Understandably in my opinion) as ‘Greyware’ because it contains VBScript that uses the WMI (Windows Management Interface) to affect changes to remote computers, enclosed in an HTA (Read: Executable Webpage). the full code is in there and easily readable.

I’ve been experimenting with a few other ways to package it, either via Maxscript, or Python, but they tend to get constrained to ‘free’ time as this functions perfectly 🙂

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